What's wrong with exchanging currency?

Nothing! Exchanging currency is necessary when travelling, and honestly – dealing with other currencies is almost part of the travel experience! But when did we start standing in line to pay high commissions with skewed rates at inconvenient times? When did we start having to buy currency instead of truly exchanging it?

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of commerce. Currencies were invented to help with trade – to provide some sort of common value between everyone (something the trade systems struggled with). Let’s take the age-old barter system for example;

Sue has wool, and wants some fish. Kim happens to sells fish, which is great – however Kim will only exchange for silk. In a simple example, Sue might only need to exchange her wool for silk, to then exchange with Kim – but imagine how many exchanges both Sue and Kim would have to do just to meet their daily needs?

Cash & currencies (be it gold, silver or cash) were created to address this.

So why is it now that currencies are now suddenly worth less each time you exchange them? Should they not be interchangeable?

At Marco Polee, we want give the people a better, smarter option – but more importantly, a choice. Until now, consumers have had no better option but to pay a commission when changing currencies. Flat fees and skewed exchange rates have forced consumers to purchase their currency every time they travel. Marco Polee is a peer to peer platform, allowing its members to exchange currency amongst each other – 0% commissions, $0 fees and at the mid-market rate.

Join us today to make currency exchange the way it should have always been!