What is Marco Polee?

Whether you’re a frequent overseas traveller for business, pleasure or visiting home; there is always an uncertainty when exchanging your currency. We try to shop around to find the “best exchange rates” with claims of the lowest fee and commission, however you will alway have to pay out of your pocket to exchange your money.

Is that truly “exchanging” your money?

At Marco Polee, our vision is to provide travellers with a new alternative for currency exchange that has absolutely no hidden fees or commission. We don’t charge - making it absolutely free for you to exchange your money at the mid-market rate.

We believe that with all the additional costs of booking flights and accommodation to travel overseas, why should you spend MORE money to exchange your money.

Marco Polee is a peer to peer currency exchange platform, where our community can connect with each other to meetup and exchange currency.

3 simple step to get started now:

  1. Search the currency listings near you

  2. Schedule a time and place with the person who you want exchange

  3. Meetup and exchange currency

Alternatively if you cannot find the currency you want:

  1. Create a currency listing you want to exchange

  2. We will notify you via email when someone want to exchange with you

  3. Agree on the time and place. Then meetup and exchange currency

Start exchanging now.

Don’t buy currency. Exchange it.