Don't take a Raffles on Money Changers, give Marco Polee a try!

There is a new option for exchanging currency in Singapore. People can now use the Marco Polee platform to swap their desired currency with one they do have. This allows the cash to exchange at the market rate, not rate set by the Banks and Money Changers.
So far the most popular place for locals, travelers and backpackers to go and exchange their SGD, is Raffles. But that's the best thing about Marco Polee, you agree on a location, it could be Bedok, Orchard, wherever is convenient to you and agree to make the exchange there.

The 2 scenarios we see people requiring this system for most are:

  • They live in Singapore, and they shop and get paid with Singapore Dollars. But they are looking to travel or holiday outside of the country.
  • People returning from a trip outside of Singapore, with excess currency. They lose out with the professional money changers, but this is a far better way to return after an under-budget trip. One of the best ways to get rid of leftover currency or loose change!

Marco Polee just aims to pair these 2 parties up and facilitate this mutually beneficial swap.

Jump on board today, and join this exciting new movement toward more affordable travel and help us realise its potential!